Who Do You Sue For A Self-Driving Truck Accident?

Self-driving trucks are becoming increasingly common on public roads and highways. While they have many benefits over human truck drivers including safety, they aren't perfect. So what happens if you get into an accident with a self-driving truck? Who Do You Sue in a Self-Driving Truck Accident? If you get into an accident with a truck, you may think that you should sue the driver. That logic follows the fact that you would sue the driver of a car in a car accident. [Read More]

Restaurant Mishaps And What Constitutes A Viable Lawsuit

Restaurant horror stories are often depicted in reality TV or in the movies. You may think about these things every time you choose to go out to eat. Yet, what constitutes a viable lawsuit in the event that you are personally affected by poor restaurant hygiene or restaurant mishaps? That information is as follows: Adding Ingredients That You Are Allergic to and Specifically Asked to Be Removed Food allergies are the number one reason people in restaurants become ill or have near misses with death. [Read More]

Back To School...Accidents? Approaching These Incidents Cautiously

Every year parents hear these nightmare stories of bus accidents and worry that it might be the bus their children ride. Sometimes the accidents occur because other drivers are not obeying the rules of the road where school buses are concerned. The rest of these accidents are mistakes or poor choices the drivers have made, or poor hiring decisions on the part of the bus companies. If your child was just in a bus accident and was one of the unfortunate children injured, here is how to approach this accident cautiously, but still get what you deserve. [Read More]

Take The Fastest Route To Personal Injury Compensation

Becoming the victim of a careless driver is not something someone can easily prepare for. Once it happens, accident victims can become confused about the many conflicting actions available to them. Though things can seem chaotic at first, you will eventually begin to feel strong enough to consider taking legal action against the driver that hit you. To help you preserve your rights, be sure to follow these two extremely important bits of advice: [Read More]