Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases

The job of a personal injury lawyer involves helping clients deal with many different types of claims. Personal injury is an umbrella term that contains within it civil cases where a particular party may have been responsible for someone coming to harm. Let's take a look at five of the most common kinds of cases a personal injury attorney might tackle. Car Accident Claims The largest number of injury cases arise from collisions involving a passenger vehicle. [Read More]

Medical Negligence Myths Victims May Need Corrected

Seeking treatment for disease or injury can be one of the more vulnerable times a person can go through as they will be completely reliant on the healthcare professionals that provide them with treatment. Negligence on the part of these professionals can have devastating consequences for the patient, but many victims of this type of negligence may not be accurately informed about the types of steps they can take to protect their rights. [Read More]

Ways Pedestrians Are Frequently Injured, And When You Can Sue

Pedestrians share the streets with cars and trucks. Granted, most pedestrians stick to sidewalks, except when they have to cross streets. There are times when pedestrians will be struck by motorists and other moving objects, and then it becomes a question of, "Can you or can you not sue?" Really, that depends on the pedestrian accident itself. The following shows some examples of pedestrian accidents, and when your pedestrian accident attorney will encourage you to sue. [Read More]

Are You Suffering from Work-Related COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) can make it hard to breathe, and your work might be to blame. Work-related COPD is caused by exposure to chemicals in the workplace and takes some time to develop. Your employer covers you for workplace injuries and occupational illnesses like COPD, so read on to learn more about the disease and getting workers compensation insurance coverage. What is COPD? Most people have heard of COPD, but are not aware that it is not a single disease. [Read More]