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Situations Where A Workers Compensation Attorney Is An Invaluable Asset

When you're injured at work, the pain is only a part of your problems. Your loss of income can be almost as devastating, especially if your injury leaves you unable to return to your job.

Suing an employer for worker's comp benefits is always tricky if you don't know where to start. You may not meet court deadlines or provide the documentation needed to win your case. Thus, it is crucial to get help from a workers compensation lawyer.

When to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

Oftentimes, injuries at work are dangerous and have severe repercussions on your health and livelihood. Some of them can even cause lifelong pain and suffering. If you've been hurt due to some negligence or error by your employer, you must consider hiring a workers compensation attorney.

In some cases, having an experienced lawyer on your side can make all the difference between receiving what you deserve and being denied payment for your injuries.

Here are three situations when an attorney can help:

1. When Injured on the Job

When you are injured on the job, you will need to file your claim with the workers compensation board where you work. You don't have to hire a lawyer, but many people find it helpful because the legal language used in these cases can be complicated.

A good lawyer can ensure you get benefits that include coverage of medical expenses, rehabilitation services, lost wages, and the cost of necessary retraining. 

2. You've Been Denied Compensation

You should always file a claim with your employer if you suffer an injury at work on time. In many cases, injuries are covered under the company's health insurance plan. If this is not possible, or if you have already applied and been denied, you need to hire a lawyer.

Your workers compensation lawyer will help you file a claim with the appropriate authority and negotiate a settlement for a claim you have been denied.

3. When Your Injury Doesn't Meet the Compensation Criteria

While it is less common, you can hire a lawyer if your injury does not meet the work comp criteria. You might still want to file a claim against your employer for negligence or wrongdoing that was not recognized as valid by state workers compensation law. This could involve many things, such as unintentional slip and fall, violation of safety regulations, sexual harassment, etc.

If you have been injured in the course of your employment, hiring a workers compensation attorney is a smart move. Legal representation can be beneficial when navigating the system, obtaining an appropriate settlement or award, and making sure your rights are protected.