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Failure To Follow OSHA Regulations Might Have Lead To Your Injuries At Work

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is responsible for regulating businesses to make sure that they follow safety standards. Unfortunately, some businesses choose not to follow OSHA regulations and this often leads to employees becoming injured. If you are injured as a result of your business failing to follow regulations, this may play a role in your legal case.

Why You Deserve to be Compensated

The medical expenses you will need to pay as a result of your injuries will be very high and your injuries might even end your career. You may find it difficult to move into another line of work. However, if you are injured due to your employer's negligence, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries even if you are not covered by workers' compensation insurance.

Workers' compensation insurance will cover you for injuries you have suffered even if your employer is not at fault. But if you are not eligible for workers' compensation for any reason, you will be able to file an onsite accident personal injury claim if you can prove that your employer was negligent.

Why You Need a Lawyer

You may not even know that an OSHA violation occurred. Your attorney will find out if the ignoring of the OSHA regulation was willful, whether there were repeated OSHA violations, whether the violation of the regulation was serious, or whether it simply impacts the workers' health and safety but doesn't cause serious injuries.

A simple example of a violation is when your employer does not post an OSHA sticker informing you of your rights and the regulations governing the workplace. You will want to describe how your accident occurred to your lawyer because there might be another violation you might not be aware of.

Common OSHA Violations

If you often climb up and down ladders, the ladders might not be designed properly to support your weight and the components of the ladder, such as the rungs, might not have been designed safely. If you work at a high elevation, you might not have been provided with adequate fall protection. If there is not enough scaffolding, you will not have adequate fall protection.

The machines you are operating every day might be very dangerous and might require proper guarding. They might lack safety features and fire prevention measures. Once your attorney has identified any unfollowed OSHA regulations, you may take legal action against your employer.

For more information, contact a job site accident lawyer.