Has Your Disability Caused You To Be Obese - This May Add On Value To Your Workers Compensation Case

A workplace injury can be devastating. Not only can it limit the amount of work you are able to do, it can limit the daily activities you are able to participate in with you and your family. Your employer is obligated to provide you medical care for the health problems created by your injuries, but what happens when your injury causes you to have additional health problems, such as weight gain, or causes you to be obese? [Read More]

Slip And Fall Accidents At LAX: What You Need To Know

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the fifth busiest airport in the world, serving more than 70 million passengers a year. While most passengers use the airport without any issues, the sheer volume of people using the facilities means that accidents will happen, and some visitors experience painful slip and fall injuries. Find out what you may need to do to claim compensation for an injury that you or someone you love suffers due to a slip and fall accident at LAX. [Read More]

Tips For Negotiating The Contingency Fee For Your Motorcycle Accident Case

It is no secret that litigating a motorcycle accident case can be expensive. Your biggest expense will be the attorney's fees, which can land anywhere between $150 and $400 per hour. Many times, however, an attorney will litigate the case on a contingency basis, meaning the person will take a percentage of any settlement or court award you win. Here are a few tips for negotiating a contingency arrangement with an attorney to ensure the rate charged is fair to both of you. [Read More]

4 Situations Where You Can File A Wrongful Death Claim

A wrongful death claim is a specific type of personal injury lawsuit wherein a person associated with the deceased can sue the entity that caused the death (whether it be a person, a company, a government agency, or some other form of institution) for damages. There are a number of things that these damages can seek to claim, which include the expenses of psychological trauma, lost wages on behalf of the deceased and the person filing the suit, and funeral expenses. [Read More]