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Ways Pedestrians Are Frequently Injured, And When You Can Sue

Pedestrians share the streets with cars and trucks. Granted, most pedestrians stick to sidewalks, except when they have to cross streets. There are times when pedestrians will be struck by motorists and other moving objects, and then it becomes a question of, "Can you or can you not sue?" Really, that depends on the pedestrian accident itself. The following shows some examples of pedestrian accidents, and when your pedestrian accident attorney will encourage you to sue.

Not Crossing at the Crosswalk (Jaywalking)

Sometimes you just want to hurry up and cross the street to get to a shop on the other side. The shop is in the middle of several other businesses, placing its location about mid-street. So, you decide to watch for cars and cut across without going to the crosswalk. Technically, this is jaywalking, and ​technically​ it is a misdemeanor. Ergo, if you are hit crossing the street in the middle of the street with no crosswalk marked off or signed, you are in the wrong. You could try to sue the driver, but the problem is that you were crossing the street where a driver did not expect anyone to be crossing. Your case, then, would be weak, at best. 

Knocked Down by Police or Fleeing Criminals

It does happen, and not just on TV. People will get knocked down and knocked over by people fleeing from the police, and/or by the police themselves when the police are in pursuit. If you are injured, you can file a police report with the nearest precinct, since it is probably one of their officers that was involved. If nothing comes of it, you can sue the person who knocked you over, regardless of whether it was a civilian or a police officer. 

​Hit by Car or Truck, Either on the Sidewalk or in the Crosswalk

When you are following pedestrian safety rules, and you are walking in a crosswalk or on the sidewalk minding your own business, you have the expectation of safety and not an expectation of being hit. If a car or truck hits you in the crosswalk when you still have the right of way, you can sue. When the vehicle hits you while you are walking down the sidewalk and the vehicle jumps the sidewalk, you can definitely sue because the driver absolutely should not have been driving on the sidewalk! If you were hit by a bicyclist, roller skater, skate boarder, etc., and were injured, you can sue them as well.