Slip And Fall Accidents At LAX: What You Need To Know

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the fifth busiest airport in the world, serving more than 70 million passengers a year. While most passengers use the airport without any issues, the sheer volume of people using the facilities means that accidents will happen, and some visitors experience painful slip and fall injuries. Find out what you may need to do to claim compensation for an injury that you or someone you love suffers due to a slip and fall accident at LAX.

Tips For Negotiating The Contingency Fee For Your Motorcycle Accident Case

It is no secret that litigating a motorcycle accident case can be expensive. Your biggest expense will be the attorney's fees, which can land anywhere between $150 and $400 per hour. Many times, however, an attorney will litigate the case on a contingency basis, meaning the person will take a percentage of any settlement or court award you win. Here are a few tips for negotiating a contingency arrangement with an attorney to ensure the rate charged is fair to both of you.

4 Situations Where You Can File A Wrongful Death Claim

A wrongful death claim is a specific type of personal injury lawsuit wherein a person associated with the deceased can sue the entity that caused the death (whether it be a person, a company, a government agency, or some other form of institution) for damages. There are a number of things that these damages can seek to claim, which include the expenses of psychological trauma, lost wages on behalf of the deceased and the person filing the suit, and funeral expenses.

5 Reasons To Hire An Attorney Quickly After A Family Member's Fatal Accident

When a close relative is killed in an accident and the circumstances involve someone else's negligence or carelessness, the family may be unsure how to proceed. The insurance company of the individual or organization responsible for the accident may make a settlement offer relatively soon, but it can be difficult to know whether that settlement is reasonable. In other cases, no settlement offer is made at all. There are good reasons for family members to hire a personal injury attorney without delay after the fatal accident occurs.

What Every Truck Driver Needs To Know About Dehydration

According to a study conducted by Loughborough University, drivers who are dehydrated make the same number of mistakes as intoxicated drivers. For this reason, it is crucial for truck drivers to stay adequately hydrated. If you are a truck driver, it's important to understand the risks of dehydration and how to protect yourself from a truck accident lawsuit. Here's what you need to know.  What dehydration does to your body

Two Pieces Of Tech That Can Help Or Hurt Your Car Crash Case

Technology is a sword that cuts both ways. It can help you slice through a liable party's defense in an accident lawsuit or it can drastically slash your chances of recovering money for injuries to shreds. Here are two pieces of modern-day technology that can either help or hurt your auto accident lawsuit. The Little Black Box Airplanes have flight recorders that capture audio in the cockpit and information from the airplanes' computers while the machines are in the air.

How Can You Avoid "Re-Aging" Of Medical Debt?

If you've suffered an injury or illness that has left you facing a growing stack of medical bills, you may have begun receiving calls and letters from collection agencies attempting to collect on this debt. However, each debt has an expiration date -- and acknowledging these debts or attempting to make payments or offering settlement could restart the clock, allowing collection agencies to continue to make contact for months or even years.

Attractive Nuisance Doctrine: Cases Involving Trespassing Children Injured By Attractive Items On Property

Although your child can begin to understand what you mean when you say the stove is hot by 18 months, he or she will not be able to fully comprehend and perceive the actual danger until the age of 5 or so. Children cannot perceive dangers as well as adults, as their minds are not fully developed. As a result, it is not uncommon for children to walk into dangerous situations after being attracted by shiny objects or other attractions.

Halloween Costume Defects: Do You Have A Personal Injury Case?

Halloween night is a great celebration of spooky fun. Unfortunately, some real scares can occur if you or your child is injured while celebrating. A store-bought Halloween costume is easy and convenient to wear, but it could also become the cause of a Halloween injury. When determining these injury cases, a personal injury attorney will break down all the aspects of your Halloween costume and how the injury occurred. The following four costume factors can all have an impact on your personal injury.

Police Reports Are Very Important For Car Accident Cases

When the police are called after a car accident, they will arrive on the scene quickly to begin the investigation process. Their findings are documented in an accident report, which can then be used to file an insurance claim, negotiate a settlement, or even win a lawsuit. Even though a police report is technically hearsay, they are very important and useful. Keep reading to learn why: Documents Important Facts The primary purpose of documenting an auto accident in a police report is to record important facts and other information surrounding the circumstances of the accident.