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Halloween Costume Defects: Do You Have A Personal Injury Case?

Halloween night is a great celebration of spooky fun. Unfortunately, some real scares can occur if you or your child is injured while celebrating. A store-bought Halloween costume is easy and convenient to wear, but it could also become the cause of a Halloween injury. When determining these injury cases, a personal injury attorney will break down all the aspects of your Halloween costume and how the injury occurred.

The following four costume factors can all have an impact on your personal injury. Understanding how the injury actually occurred can help prove whether you have a proper case or not.

Halloween Mask Injuries

Wearing a mask on Halloween can transform your face into a colorful character or scary monster. The mask itself could be the cause of your injury due to a number of different factors. One of the biggest issues is mask sizes. For example, if the mask was made for a 10 year old, but appears too loose, then the mask could cause a child to trip or run into something that is not visible. If a mask is too tight, then it can affect the circulation on your face and neck.

Another aspect of a mask injuries are the eye holes in the mask. If the eye holes are too small or too dark, they may not offer proper visibility to make your way around on Halloween night. This could lead to tripping, falling, or stepping out in front of a vehicle. As an injury occurs, it's important for you to save the mask and keep it the way it was. Do not adjust the mask or altar it in any way. An attorney can compare your mask to other versions of the same mask to determine if it's a mass defect or if you purchased a bad mask.

Halloween Fabrics

Halloween costumes are made for temporary use and often do not feature the same quality or design as traditional clothes. This can easily cause problems and lead to health issues. One of the more prominent health issues occurs with fabric materials. Costumes could contain high amounts of lead and cause reactions in both children and adults. If a recall occurs for these costumes, your attorney may look into class action lawsuits or other cases related to your same injuries.

Cheap Halloween fabric could also be the cause of additional injuries. One of the most common injuries that can occur is from ripped fabric. If the fabric rips or gets caught on something, a person can easily fall and get injured. Not only does this cause physical injury, but it could also cause emotional damages.

Halloween Weapons

Toy weapons make great accessories for Halloween costumes, but they could also be the cause of an unfortunate injury. Poor design, sharp edges, or improper warnings could all lead to injuries on Halloween night. If you are injured from someone else, an attorney can look into both the party who used the weapon and the manufacturer of the weapon.

Toy weapon defects could also cause injuries. This can occur when parts of the weapons break off and fly into the air. Keeping all the pieces of the weapon available as evidence can help prove your case and detail how the injury occurred.

Costume Electronics

A simple sheet with holes cut in it doesn't quite cut it anymore. Advanced Halloween costumes feature lights, sounds, and special effects to truly make the costume come alive. While a majority of the time, these effects look incredible, they could also be the source of an injury. Walking around with batteries and electronic components could make you vulnerable to electric shocks, burns, or even leaking battery acid. These are some of the more serious injuries that can occur with your Halloween costume.

As you consult with an attorney, supplying the costume and photos or videos from the night of the incident can help build a solid case for your personal injury. If you are still in the beginning steps of finding an attorney, then consider checking out a law firm online at