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Important Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a motorcycle is fun and enjoyable. However, riding a motorcycle can also be very dangerous, especially when you are a new rider. Even if you don't do anything to cause an accident, another driver can. And when you get in an accident on a motorcycle, you will have worse injuries than if you were protected by a car or truck. 

If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident and want to sue to recover your damages, you must find the right local motorcycle attorney to fight for you. Since hiring a motorcycle lawyer is a new experience, here are some questions to ask when interviewing potential lawyers:

What percentage of your current overall caseload is similar to yours?

When you hire a lawyer to recover your damages after a motorcycle accident, you want an attorney specializing only in motorcycle accident cases. This is not the time to hire a general practice lawyer. These cases have particular nuances, and having a specialist attorney gives you a far better chance of getting a fast settlement or higher reward in court.

What percentage of your motorcycle accident cases go to a jury trial?

Like when you are involved in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident cases are often settled quickly and out of court. However, when you settle your motorcycle accident case out of court, you may leave money on the table.

If you hire an attorney who frequently refuses to settle, brings cases to court, and then wins a large percentage of them, this will be well-known by other lawyers. This is to your advantage because the opposing council will know they have a decent chance of losing in court and will likely offer you higher settlement amounts.

What is the average amount of damages you have recovered for similar motorcycle accidents for previous clients?

While this may seem an uncomfortable question, it is essential. After all, how do you judge the success of your potential motorcycle accident attorney if you don't know how successful they have been for other clients?

Lawyers working with motorcycle accidents are used to being asked this question and will not judge you negatively because you asked. In fact, the answer to this question is very important. Your accident's potential settlement amount must be high enough to ensure that all the legal fees and time dedicated to fighting your case justify the likely end result.

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