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How Long Should You Wait Before Filing A Claim After An Accident? Find Out

Most accident injuries are very painful, making it challenging to perform certain activities. In such a situation, you might decide to focus on your health so that you can recover and return to work. However, your medical bills could bloat within a short time, especially if your treatment requires expensive procedures. This might prompt you to seek compensation for your injuries, and the court might deny your compensation request if you do it too late. That's because the law requires you to file your injury claim by a certain period after your accident. Here's what you need to know about this requirement.

The Filing Period for Injury Cases

If you plan to file an injury claim, you must do so by the deadline stipulated in your state laws to get consideration in court. The duration varies in different states, but it mostly runs between 1-6 years. The filing period for personal injury cases starts immediately after you sustain injuries. This explains the importance of consulting an injury lawyer when you're involved in an accident. They will enlighten you on your state's filing deadlines to prevent late filing, which could deny you an opportunity to get compensation.

However, the court might extend the filing period if you have a genuine reason for needing more time. For example, the judge might approve your request if you prove you cannot file a claim because you're disabled. The court might also give you more time to file your lawsuit if you didn't discover your injuries just right after the accident. In each of these situations, you need legal help to enable you to convince the court to give you time to prepare and file your claim. Your attorney will assist you in getting the documentation needed to persuade the judge to grant your request.

How to Get Maximum Payments for Your Injuries

Your legal advisor can help you get the best payment possible for your injuries. They will order a medical examination to determine your required medical services until you recover fully. The medical report will also enable your attorney to put a value on the damages you seek. It's important to have a clear picture of your current and future damages to request a settlement that will cover all your medical costs. Doing so will prevent you from making quick decisions that may affect your rights and future.

Filing your claim within a certain duration after an accident is a requirement. Therefore, you may want to work with a personal injury lawyer when filing a lawsuit. They will get all the necessary information you need and file your lawsuit within the right time. In addition, it will ensure you don't miss an opportunity to get your rightful compensation.