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Restaurant Mishaps And What Constitutes A Viable Lawsuit

Restaurant horror stories are often depicted in reality TV or in the movies. You may think about these things every time you choose to go out to eat. Yet, what constitutes a viable lawsuit in the event that you are personally affected by poor restaurant hygiene or restaurant mishaps? That information is as follows:

Adding Ingredients That You Are Allergic to and Specifically Asked to Be Removed

Food allergies are the number one reason people in restaurants become ill or have near misses with death. Even though you can request that a single ingredient be removed from a dish you want to eat, a chef in the kitchen may not read the order ticket fully, and then you suffer for it. If the restaurant's chefs are at fault, you can sue for any medical bills, ambulance rides, and additional costs to treat you from the resulting anaphylactic shock. 

Finding "Special" Ingredients

Proper restaurant hygiene includes keeping insects and pests out of the kitchen. When a restaurant fails to do this, customers find "special" ingredients in their food. Examples are full bugs, flying insects, roaches, parts of rodent pests, rodent feces, etc.

If you find any of this after consuming more than half of your dish, you are at risk for developing digestion upsets as well as any diseases and bacteria carried by these insect and rodent pests. Be sure to take a photograph of what you find, then ask to speak to the manager. Keep a close eye on your health, and talk to your doctor as soon as you are able to rule out any negative and impending effects of these disgusting finds. File a report with the state board of health as well, because the inspectors from the state board will perform an inspection of the kitchen and restaurant in question. You can ask for a full report of the inspector's findings, too. Only if the "special ingredients" create immediate health problems for you can you sue for personal injury, although a small claims lawsuit may reimburse you for your meal and the disquieting event of that evening's meal. 

Waiters Dropping Food and Drink on You

If waitstaff drop food and drink on you, you may be entitled to compensation under personal injury law if the food or drink was hot enough to cause burns. If you were burned, document the burns with pictures. Visit an E.R. for treatment, or your doctor if they are available to see you. Take all pictures and reports to a personal injury lawyer and file a suit against the waiter or waitress responsible, and/or the restaurant that hired this person.

For more information, you can contact a personal injury attorney in your area.