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Already Received The Dreaded Disability Denial Letter? What You Should Do Now

Filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is sometimes the only way for people to have enough money to support themselves. When you are seriously impaired and can no longer work, the stress of not knowing how you're going to make ends meet can be astronomical. Submitting your filing and waiting for a response is tough enough, but if you find out that your case has been denied the emotional pain can be devastating. You need to know that this isn't the end of the road. The following tips can act as a guide so you'll know what to do to turn things around.

An SSDI Attorney May Be The Answer You Seek

Before you hang your head in disappointment about the news that you were denied SSDI, you need to talk with an attorney. Disability attorneys are there to assist you in rebuilding your case so that the next set of results you get are in your favor.

SSDI lawyers have usually worked with many other clients who may have been in the same situation as you. They know the insider secrets that can make or break a filing and will work hard to help you establish a rock-solid claim that is hard to deny. This includes everything from reviewing your application to see where the mistakes are, adding in medical records or expert witness testimony and so much more. Your appeal request is likely to be much more comprehensive when you work with a lawyer, and this could be the key to finally getting the approval.

Determine What You Did Wrong The First Time

If your injuries are very severe you might not have really taken the time to fully explain the extent of your problem correctly. Now is the time to take a breath, go back to your filing, and try to see what you left out. 

Perhaps you failed to mention the numerous visits to the chiropractor that you've had to go to over the previous months. Or, you didn't focus on accuracy and mistakenly put in the wrong name and phone number of the doctor you see each week. These might seem like small things but they can actually be the tipping point that cause you to lose your claim.

Getting approved for SSDI could make the bleak financial times a thing of the past. Keep your head up high and let this bit of advice serve you as you prepare to fight for what you deserve. Contact a Social Security disability law firm for assistance.