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Three Things You Should Know About A Lawsuit Concerning An Injury From An Assault

When people think about the need for a personal injury attorney, they are usually thinking about injuries from a car accident or an injury on the property of a business, or perhaps getting hurt by a defective product. But you can also bring a civil action over injuries from an assault. Although it is true that actions by individuals such as assault and battery are crimes, they also can be a reason for a civil action. The following are a few things you should know.

A civil suit may be your only recourse for compensation

Assault and battery are crimes, but like most crimes, there is seldom any restitution by the courts. If you have medical bills, loss of income, or other issues that you need compensation for, it is a lawsuit that may be your only recourse. Obviously, an individual will not have any insurance to cover this type of action, but it may be possible to collect on a judgment if the individual has assets. And if they have little in the way of assets, it may still be possible to garnish their wages after getting a judgment.

If you were assaulted by a worker, the employer is likely responsible

If you are on the property of a business and an employee has assaulted you, there is a good chance that you will have a case against the business owner. Most businesses carry liability insurance, and this often covers the unfortunate actions that their employees may engage in with customers. This liability coverage extends to employees who provide a service to a customer's home, as well as to employees who are traveling, such as truck drivers.

Be sure to call the police

One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you have been a victim of assault and battery, you need to call the police, and make sure you tell the officer you want to press charges. Granted, this may not result in jail time. It could only mean a fine, but you want to have a record of the assault, just like you want a police report of a car accident. However, you also want a record of the crime. Even if the individual who attacked you pleads to a lesser charge, there is a record of guilt. This will make a civil suit easier for a personal injury attorney.

Although there is no guarantee that you will be able to collect damages after an assault, legally you may be entitled to them, so it is important to consult with an attorney. But remember to document the incident by calling the police and seeking medical attention as soon as possible. This will give your attorney the best chance at representing your interests and getting the financial compensation you need. Contact an attorney like those at Steeg & Glista PC today.