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Five Issues That An IME Is Supposed To Settle

If you are pursuing a worker's compensation claim, then the insurance company handling the claim will probably insist on an independent medical examination (IME). Here are some of the issues the IME will be required to settle:

The Accuracy of Your Medical Diagnosis

The IME is expected to confirm whether you were accurately diagnosed or not. This is understandable given that misdiagnosis is a common form of medical malpractice. It is also understandable given that a misdiagnosis can cause workers insurance a lot of money. For example, if you are diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and you don't have one, your treating physician will be paid for treatments that you don't need and you may be allowed to be out of work for longer than necessary.

The Extent of Your Impairment

Disability benefits, which form a significant part of workers compensation benefits, are determined by the extent of impairment. Therefore, the IME has to confirm whether you are actually as impaired as you and your doctor are claiming. For example, if you are claiming partial paralysis on one leg, the IME needs to confirm whether this is the case or you just have leg pain that is making you unable to use the leg.  

The Cause of Your Injuries

If you have a crushed arm, your doctor has to treat you whether you incurred the injury in the workplace or in your private workshop at home. Workers compensation insurance, however, only compensates you for injuries occurred in the line of your normal work duties. The IME is there to confirm that you injured yourself while working or in the workplace as you are claiming.

The Extent of Your Recovery

You are supposed to receive workers compensation benefits as long as you are unable to work. Unfortunately, many people like free things, and there are people who have feigned injuries so that they can continue receiving the benefits even after their recovery. This is one of the reasons you will be required to see an IME; the doctor will confirm the extent of your injuries.

Any Work Restrictions You May Have

Workers compensation laws are structured to willow injured workers back into the workplace as soon as they are able to do at least part of their duties. This means you don't have to recover fully to get back to work; you should get back to work even if you are restricted on what you can do or on how much you can do. For example, if you injured your back in a workplace accident, you may be allowed back to work but restricted on the size of weights you can lift. It is also the IME's job to confirm what these restrictions are.

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