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Car Accident Cases: 4 Financial Impacts For Little League Umpires

For many fans who love the game of baseball, it's easy to get involved through a local league. This is why may baseball lovers will choose to have a side job of umpiring Little League games. The position is a great way to make extra money and be involved with the sport. If you're a Little League umpire that has been involved in a car accident, the injuries from the accident may force you to leave your position as an umpire. Not only does this change your everyday life, but there are multiple financial factors associated with your injuries. As you move forward with a car accident settlement case, it's important to include these factors as part of your compensation. A car accident lawyer can help you calculate the following factors and include them with your final settlement agreement.

Missed Games

When you're determining the damages for your car accident injury, it's important to include all types of income that you receive. Along with your regular job, the umpire income can have a large impact on your case. On average, a Little League umpire gets paid $25 to $50 per game. During a regular season, these totals can add up quickly and result in a large amount of lost income. Pay stubs, game schedules, and work schedules can all be used as proof of your lost income. A lawyer can gather this information and calculate the total amount based on your estimated healing time and ability to return to the league.

Special Events

Along with the regular Little League season, it's important to consider any type of special event that you've been hired to umpire for. These events are nice way to make extra cash and are found throughout the year. Examples include Little League All-Star games or special tournaments. During a weekend tournament, you may find that you are umpiring for multiple games at a time. When a car crash causes you to miss out on these special events, you are losing a lot of extra income. It's a good idea to get the full Little League schedule and mark off special events that you typically worked at and have to miss due to the injury.

Physical Therapy

Instead of ending your umpire career after an injury, you may want to heal and return back to the field. Being an umpire is a physically demanding job. Bending your knees behind home plate or standing on the field requires a lot of strength and stamina. You may build up those things again by attending physical therapy. These sessions will help focus on your core strength and getting back into the shape that you were in. In some cases, your health insurance may not cover all of the physical therapy that you need. If this is the case, then you can seek reimbursement through your settlement case. A lawyer can use doctor's notes, bills, and a future timeline of therapy sessions to showcase the out-of-pocket costs that you will need to fully cover expenses.

Adaptive Equipment

Even after physical therapy, the results of a car crash injury may change your body's condition forever. In cases like this, you may have to purchase adaptive equipment that can help you properly umpire games and get through long stretches on the field. For example, if your legs were injured in a car accident, you may have to wear leg braces or knee braces to properly support your body. This can help you stand for long periods of time without putting too much pressure on your injured areas. A lawyer can help seek compensation for the costs of any special equipment that has been purchased or will be needed in the future.

It may be hard to transition after a car accident. Consulting with a car accident lawyer is the first step to going back to a normal routine and getting compensation for your various medical costs.