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Backyard Sports: 4 Types of Manufacturer Defects That Can Cause Injuries

As the summer approaches, many families love to head outdoors and enjoy an assortment of backyard sports and games. When purchasing equipment for these games, you expect them to perform and work as advertised. When a malfunction occurs, serious injuries can happen to someone that is playing or even an innocent bystander. The manufacturers of sports equipment have an obligation to make these items safe and could be held liable if a defect results in an injury. There are at least four different types of defects that could lead to a serious injury. If you've been involved with any of these types of injuries, you can consult with a personal injury lawyer about a possible settlement case.

1. Flying Objects

One of the more dangerous types of backyard sports includes anything with flying objects. When these sport accessories malfunction, the flying objects can cause cause broken bones or hit sensitive areas like the eye sockets. If you had a throwing sport object cause an injury, then you should look into any possible defects that may have caused the injury. For example, if you own a ladder golf game, the bolas (two golf balls connected by a nylon string) may have been poorly attached or glued on. This could result in one of the balls releasing from the string and causing an injury to players and bystanders. Similar manufacturing defects can occur in games like lawn darts or horseshoes. A lawyer can examine the products, showcase poor craftsmanship, and compare them to similar products and designs that operate with more durability.

2. Swinging Sport Accessories

A number of backyard sports require the use of accessories that you swing. Wiffleball bats and rackets for badminton are just a few of these options. Manufacturing defects in the designs of these swinging objects could result in poor handles or broken parts that fly off while swinging. The high speeds in which you swing could result in a serious injury that includes broken bones, sprains, or deep bruises. These products are meant to handle frequent swinging. A lawyer can use the sporting accessories to showcase a defect and how the product should not have been sold in the first place. If the purchase came with multiple rackets or bats, a lawyer can compare the defective item with a working one to showcase the difference and the dangers that were presented to you as a consumer.

3. Poles & Stability

Volleyball, tetherball, and other sports like ladder golf typically require large pole constructions to properly set them up in a backyard. If there are any defects in the designs, the whole stability of the equipment could be compromised. If these poles chip, snap, or fall over, serious injuries to players may occur. When the stability and structure are not well designed, a manufacturer could be held liable for any injuries that happen. For example, poles may not have been made to fit together properly or the materials may have not been strong enough to support the add-on accessories like a ball or net.

4. Inflatables

For children, a popular backyard toy is an inflatable. Inflatables are made for exercising or playing fun games like basketball. Defects found in backyard inflatables can result in injuries to the legs, arms, or even the spine. A variety of defects for inflatables could include unstable designs, air leaks, or possible collapses of the walls. When an attorney is investigating the cause of an inflatable injury, it's important for them to look into any product recalls. These recalls are issued for mass problems with products. If you were sold a product before the recall occurred, then you may have a stronger case against the defect and injuries that it has caused.

Just because the injury is in your own backyard doesn't mean that it's your fault. Contacting a personal injury lawyer is the fist step in seeking a settlement for defects that should have been prevented in the first place. For more about this topic, contact a reputable law firm in your area.